About My Zombie Life

In my prior life, before becoming a zombie, I worked as a real estate agent. I loved my work and had a loving wife and family. Then when the zombie apocalypse happened everything changed. I still remember the day perfectly. It was Tuesday and I just came home from selling a new home in Concord, New Hampshire.I was excited because I made a nice commission and was going to take the wife out for a nice dinner. I walked into my home expecting to see my loving wife but instead I saw what my wife had become. A zombie. She must’ve been attacked by another zombie that day and had come home out of instinct. When I walked in the house she jumped on me. That’s the last thing I remember about being a regular human being. That was around 4 years ago. Ever since I’ve been a zombie. I now live for brains and guts and can’t wait for my next human to eat!

At times, I do miss my old life. I especially miss my job, where I got to work and meet tons of people and help them with their real estate decisions. That is why I’ve created this blog. Hoping to fill the void missing because I’ve learnt that humans don’t trust zombies as realtors. So now, when I’m not out scouring the town for fresh human brains and guts, I spend my time blogging about real estate related topics.


zombie man

P.S This is my latest picture. Don’t I look handsome?!