23 Sep

What Makes A Great City Livable? Key Real Estate Rules When Buying a Home

The most joyful moment to many people is when they buy their first home. Imagine life without having to worry about a landlord knocking at your door or getting a phone call from a property manager whenever you are late with your rent. However, as much as you want to move from renting to owning a home, it is important to make sure your house gives you maximum comfort and satisfaction. Many people rush to sign papers when buying their first home simply because it has a low asking price. It is important to do extensive research when buying a home to make sure you do not regret your purchase several months after you have moved in. You need to ask yourself why the home is selling for a very low price and why the previous owner is quick to dispose. Is the city you want to buy your home livable or are people selling to move to other cities? In order to make informed decisions when buying a home, the following are the key rules to guide you on what makes a great city livable.

  1. Good security

Many people are lured by cheap price when buying a home and forget about asking about the security of that area. For a city to be livable, it has to have good security and political stability. No one wants to buy his or her first home in a city with political instability or a high crime rate. It is very sad to live in a city where you are always worried about your safety and your belongings.

Security is very important when buying a home

  1. Access to job opportunities

Access to job opportunities is a very important factor to consider when buying a home. This is because you need to continue working and support your life and that of your family members. Unless you are looking for a home to retire to, it is important to consider a city with plenty of job opportunities. You need to buy your home in a city close to your place of work to save on transport costs and for convenience purposes. If you are not on a permanent job, it is wise to buy a home in a city with access to job opportunities so that it can be easy for you to change jobs when need be. If you are a businessperson, it is good to consider buying a home in a city where there is a conducive environment for your business to thrive.

  1. Access to social amenities

Social amenities determine your comfort in the city you want to buy your home. For a city to be livable, it has to have good roads, health care institutions, recreation centers, water and electricity supply, schools, good drainage and road network among others. It is wise to pay more for a home in a city with adequate social amenities than buying a cheap home in a city where you have to drive hours to take your children to school or to do shopping.

  1. Consider the cost of living

The cost of living is a very important element to consider when buying a home because it affects your comfort in your new home. If you are a first time home buyer or a millennial working on a tight budget, understanding the cost of living in the city you plan to buy your home is very important. You need to make sure the cost of living is affordable to you and you can sustain your family’s comfort. Remember that there is life after you have moved to your new home. You need to buy food, pay for healthcare services, pay utility bills and other social amenities. It is unwise to buy your home in a city where the cost of living is very high and you cannot even afford to take your children to a good school. Always consider buying a home in a city where you can afford to live comfortably without having to struggle to make ends meet.

home safe for family

  1. Good climate

Prevailing climatic conditions is one of the key factors that should guide you when buying a home. You need to do proper research about the prevailing climatic conditions in the city you intend to buy your home. Make sure the city does not experience harsh climatic conditions such as extremely high temperatures, extremely low temperatures and snow. You need to make sure the climate in the city you want to live is favorable to you and your family members.

  1. Vibrancy and hospitality

Another important rule when buying a home is to always consider the hospitality of the people and the vibrancy of the city. Human beings are social beings and it is important to buy a home where your neighbors are welcoming, social and supportive. Your children should live in a city where they can play comfortably with other children in the neighborhood. Moreover, a livable city should be vibrant with relatively active people. Life can be very boring if you buy a home in a dull city where there is very little activity taking place.